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Pokers Ragged Ace in Time and Space

Pokers Ragged Ace in Time and Space   Home Best online poker games on EnglishDutchFrenchGermanItalianSpanish Search this site: HomeNewsPoker RoomsPoker RulesPoker Tips  Holdem RulesHoldem StrategyHoldem TipsPoker SchoolLive Tournaments  Pokers Ragged Ace in Time and Space Published by Brian Cherry on Sep 10, 2010 image/jpeg icontimespace.jpg

Todays poker tips are about time, space, and the ragged ace. Usually when we talk about things like time and space, rarely are poker players or Texas holdem part of the conversion. While it is true that guys like Phil Hellmuth are using the sort of poker strategy that probably belongs a decade or so back in time, that is more of an unwillingness to change sort of thing…not actual movement in time and space. While a time machine is not yet available on eBay there are ways that a poker player can move in both time and space when playing Texas Holdem, and this movement will dictate what the best poker strategy for their ragged ace.

There are a lot of poker tips and poker strategies written for how one should play their ragged ace in Texas holdem. What a lot of these poker strategy articles tend not to address is the circumstances under which you and your ragged ace are confronting. This is something poker players should pay attention to. For example, the early morning crowd at a Vegas casino Texas holdem table is going to be a lot different than the crowd that will be showing up in the afternoon and evening. They tend to be older and more risk averse. If you find yourself competing in a pot with a ragged ace under this circumstance, with another ace on the board, and the belief that your opponent has also an ace in his hand as well, you better have a high value kicker in your hand if the hand goes to the river. In this case your opponent is probably a poker player from another generation, and is less likely to go that far unless e believes he has a legit chance to come away with the pot. While any poker tips worth its salt will qualify this with disclaimer that he may be bluffing, older poker players tend to bluff less than those who cut their Texas holdem teeth playing online poker.

Your poker strategy will change if you move in time and play that same hand later in the day. Poker players whose skills are more contemporary will start coming out after the noon hour, and you can loosen up on what you consider to be a competitive kicker at that point against the more aggressive competitors. Poker tips regarding time are less relevant when you move in space (in this case, cyberspace) and find yourself playing internet poker. Online poker players tend to be naturally more aggressive, and the fact that players across a number of time zones can compete at the same time takes away the time element. So while the time aspect of these poker tips is not as applicable, moving in space to the online game can also affect your ragged ace poker strategy. The poker players here are among the most aggressive on the planet. You can greatly relax your kicker standards when playing in most internet poker rooms. I do have include the disclaimer that the poker tips here are generalizations and obviously not absolutes. If there were any absolutes in Texas Holdem it would not be called gambling.

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